Are your home electronics safe?

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December 20, 2012 by dempseyelectric

houston electrician

Hope these guys called Dempsey Electric before they plugged in!

This holiday season before you plug in that Griswold holiday light display or that picture perfect Christmas tree make sure your home is protected–surge protected!!  Increased electricity use during the holidays can cause extreme electrical fluctuations within your home. These fluctuations can lead to power surges and if your home isn’t adequately protected this can be downright annoying, not to mention costly. Today, most electrical devices are equipped with microprocessors, which unfortunately make electronics extremely sensitive to power surges. Just a little surge can cause substantial damage or even ruin your favorite household devices such as your refrigerator, computer, or home theater system.


When it comes to adequate surge protectors, a simple plug-in protector just isn’t going to cut it. Unfortunately, a lot of these so-called “surge protectors” are nothing more than glorified extension cords. To make sure your home is guarded against power surges, the expert electricians at Dempsey Electric suggest both whole house suppressors and plug-ins for added protection. Whole house suppressors are used to tame electricity spikes by diverting the extra energy into grounding wire instead of into your home. If your home doesn’t have a whole house protector, you aren’t sure, or your existing one needs to be replaced call Dempsey Electric today. Because surge protector installation deals with electricity and needs to be grounded it is best to leave this job up to a professional Houston electrician.

Before you plug in those new holiday toys be sure your surge protectors are up to par by calling Dempsey Electric. A simple installation by one of our expert electricians is all it takes and can save you thousands! Call 713-691-6456 before its too late.



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